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Featured Apartment Communities near Raleigh

  • Driftwood Manor

    Driftwood Manor is a quite wooded community with great amenities that provide a peaceful atmosephere for those students looking for privacy, high quality of life, and a direct bus into campus

  • University Village

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  • University Towers

    University Towers is as close as you can get to campus while not being in a traditional dorm. University Towers offers top-notch amenities including computer labs, pools, and a cafeteria.


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  • Proudly presents new version

    Monday, Jan 9

    We have updated our student housing design layout today to allow us to feature apartments and universities at the forefront of our listing service. This will allow us to focus more on matching students with the best apartments near their colleges.

  • Over 9000 colleges and Universities added

    Saturday, Jan 7

    We Doubled our launch inventory today to expand to over 9000 universities featured in our system. Stay tuned for more features that will show off our state of the art Apartment advertising program

  • Student Housing U launches!!

    Thursday, Jan 5

    Student Housing U launches!!

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